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Propane Safety Tips // Weather Emergencies

Weather Emergencies

Take these steps to protect your family and property before and after a flood, hurricane or severe storm.

Getting ready for a flood or hurricane:

  1. Properly secure the propane tank, if possible.
  2. Turn off the gas supply valve at the tank (“righty, tighty.”)
  3. Fasten the protective dome on the tank.
  4. Turn off appliance pilot lights, control valves and manual shut-off valves.
  5. Ensure there is an adequate supply of fuel in the tank.

After the flood or hurricane has passed, look for visible structural damage, including damaged external venting and vent caps.

Call your propane dealer or a qualified technician if:

  1. You smell propane gas.
  2. Your propane tank has shifted or moved.
  3. The tank regulator has been exposed to water.
  4. The gas lines are broken, bent, damaged or have pulled away from the propane tank or appliances.
  5. Propane appliances or their controls have been exposed to water.
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