Fleet Fuels

Fuel your most important commercial vehicles quickly and affordably with Sandifer’s L.P. Gas & Service Co., Inc. Simply stop by any of our locations throughout the Southeast Texas region to fill up your company’s fleet with top-quality propane autogas.

Southeast Texas Business Owners Choose Propane Autogas

When it comes to running a commercial enterprise in Southeast Texas, Sandifer’s understands what it takes. We offer commercial customers access to reliable, affordable propane autogas that will keep valuable vehicles on the move and your operation on schedule.

Competitive Pricing

Propane autogas offers Texas business owners a more cost-effective alternative to diesel fuel. On top of propane’s historically lower price per gallon, the fuel helps equipment operate more efficiently to reduce costs even further.

Lower Impact

Produced in the United States, propane offers companies an energy option that is not dependent on foreign fuel supplies. Propane autogas is also certified as an environmentally friendly fuel, which means lower emissions.

Convenient Filling

Sandifer’s commercial customers never have to worry about trekking across the area without a fill-up station in sight. Our bulk propane autogas filling stations are accessible across our Southeast Texas service area so that your drivers can fuel up easily.

Are you ready to fuel your fleet with dependable propane autogas? Contact Sandifer’s today to learn more.

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