Bulk Storage and Tank Installations

Powering your business with gas-fired equipment has never been easier or more convenient in Southeast Texas. At Sandifer’s L.P. Gas & Service Co., Inc., we offer everything your company needs in terms of propane tank installations, bulk fuel storage, and more.

For more information about bulk fuel storage or tank installation for your business, simply contact us here.

Propane Storage Solutions

Putting Safety First


As you know, we at Sandifer’s take safety seriously. Before and while installing or servicing any of your business’s equipment, we provide a comprehensive safety check to make sure every job is performed in an environment that is safe for you, our employees, and your property. If you ever have questions about our safety measures, or if you believe you may be experiencing a propane-related emergency, call us directly at 1-800-GET-WARM.

Propane Tank Installations


Propane-fired equipment can power a wide range of commercial equipment for safe, convenient, and affordable operation. At the root of the many appliances that run on propane is, of course, a fuel storage tank. Whether you are new to propane or need to have your existing propane tank replaced, we offer propane tank installations of all sizes and storage capacities to businesses within our service area.

Bulk Fuel Storage


Every business has different needs when it comes to energy use. If you go through a substantial amount of propane daily to keep your business operating smoothly, on-site bulk fuel storage may be the perfect solution for your company. This will reduce the amount of deliveries you need, making for more convenient planning and readily available fuel.

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