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If you thought propane was just for use inside your Southeast Texas home, think again! There are a wide range of outdoor applications for propane gas. With routine propane deliveries from Sandifer’s, your outdoor living and entertainment will never be interrupted.

Outdoor Propane Appliances

Gas Grills & Outdoor Kitchens


Propane-fueled grills offer greater convenience than their charcoal counterparts, and they are friendly to the environment. Lighter fluid, a well-known accomplice to the charcoal grill, contributes to the smog that hovers over many Texas cities. Self-lighting and bag-light charcoal also produce high levels of emissions. A propane gas grill is a clean air alternative.

Additionally, it takes about 20 minutes for the average charcoal grill to heat up, whereas it only takes about half that time to heat up a propane grill—so you can go from ‘heat up’ to ‘eat up’ in less than half an hour with propane!

If you aren’t convinced yet that gas grills are a better alternative, Good Housekeeping calculates the average annual fuel cost is $37 for charcoal and only $19 for propane gas grills. So this summer, make the convenient, environmentally conscious, economical decision to choose propane—and get grilling! Become the envy of your neighborhood: ask us about outdoor kitchens fueled by propane.

Propane Lighting


When it comes to seeing your way around the backyard grill at night, propane is a sustainable alternative to electric outdoor lighting. Some newer models of propane-fueled lighting equipment are finished with light sensors that shut off during the day, eliminating waste and increasing your savings.

Gas-Fired Pool Heaters


Propane is great for heating swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas. It’s faster and more economical than electricity. A propane-heated spa can save about $56 per year compared to electricity. And you can turn on a propane spa heater about 30 minutes before use to bring the spa to a comfortable temperature. Conversely, electrically heated spas must be kept on constantly because the water takes much longer to warm up.

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