Propane gas is one of the most relied upon fuels available for homeowners throughout the country—and rightfully so. Its efficiency, affordable price, and safe operation and are just a few reasons why so many consumers across the US and here in the Lone Star State choose it for home and water heating, but its applications don’t stop there for indoor use! At Sandifer’s L.P. Gas & Service Co., Inc., we deliver clean propane fuel to power cooking stoves and clothes dryers, too!

Indoor Propane Appliances

Gas Cooking Stoves


Surveys show that most people prefer to cook with gas. Propane cooking also offers you all the benefits associated with other gas-fueled appliances: convenience, efficiency, and cost savings.

  • Propane burners deliver heat immediately, heat pots and pans evenly, and let you easily see and adjust the heat output. Propane ranges also have sealed burners, making cleanup easy.
  • Automatic spark igniters have replaced pilot lights on almost all propane ranges. This increases their safety and further enhances their convenience and efficiency.
  • Stop spending money on electricity and you’ll be able to spend more on food! Studies done for the Texas Railroad Commission have shown that propane cooking appliances are more efficient than electric. Homeowners will spend about $86 a year on a propane range versus $98 on an electric range. In your kitchen, propane is clearly the best choice.

Gas Clothes Dryers


A recent study for the Texas Railroad Commission found that using a propane clothes dryer would save Texas households an average of $40 each year. Pilotless ignition is also standard, eliminating the need for energy-wasting pilot lights. Offering all the conveniences and energy-saving options available for dryers that operate using other energy sources, a propane-fueled appliance will come out on top.

To request service for your propane stove or dryer, simply contact us here.

Gas Fireplaces


Take your living space from simply comfortable to totally cozy with a propane-powered fireplace. Gas fireplace log sets provide the ambience of a crackling wood fire without the mess of ash or logs. If you already use propane to power your central heating system and cooking appliances, a gas fireplace can easily be connected to your home’s existing propane supply.

Gas Central Heating Systems


Homeowners across Southeast Texas rely on versatile, affordable propane to stay warm when the weather gets cold. Propane gas is the best energy option for home heating because of its reputation for affordability, safety, efficiency, and versatility. When you install a gas-fired boiler or furnace in your home, you can connect all of your home comfort appliances to the same supply that keeps your heating system running effectively.

Gas Water Heaters


You power your cooking appliances and home heating equipment with propane, why not add your water heater to the list? A gas-fired water heater can help you lower utility costs and reduce your environmental impact. Standard and instantaneous models are available to suit your unique household budget and water heating needs.

Gas Space Heaters


Propane is a safe, efficient supplementary heating solution. Gas space heaters can be used to warm rooms beyond your central heating system’s reach, like additions, garages, or indoor works spaces. Visit our showroom to learn more about which propane-powered space heater is best for your unique heating needs.

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